How to Make a Environmentally Safe Abrasive Cleaner for Your Home

If you are looking for a safer, cheaper and more environmentally safe abrasive cleaner for your sinks and tubs, you may just have the remedy in your kitchen right now.  Our great grandmothers knew these recipes, as modern toxic cleaners were not as widely used, however over the years, with the help of mass marketing we stopped asking our elders for household advice and instead started trusting marketing companies to think for us.  We all know the cute little cartoons they use to show us how their cleaner will send little magic soldiers to do the scrubbing for us, however their is a price to pay for their “magic” (aka: toxic chemicals).

Here is a really simple and effective cleaner recipe that you can probably make right now with supplies in your kitchen.  This works as a replacement for other abrasive cleaners.

Baking soda


Elbow grease

Yes, really that’s it.  Sprinkle the baking soda in the sink (or whatever you are cleaning). Spray on some vinegar (pour vinegar into an empty spray bottle and label).  Add a little elbow grease and you will have a very clean sink!