Shower Curtain Tips

Question: How do I keep the shower curtain down when in use? What do I do with mildew shower curtains? How do I fix the hooks from getting stuck on the rod?

Shower curtains can be a blessing and a curse.  Sure you can get a million different designs and materials BUT they seem to attract mildew, like to fly away when you are in the shower; not to mention they love to get stuck on the rod.

What are we supposed to do with these pretty but irritating parts of our bathrooms?

Issue #1- The fly away curtain

Solution #1- Weights

From the fishing tackle box (it’s okay if you have to ask someone what this is), grab a  few fishing line weights.  (If you have no tackle box, nor do you know what a fishing line weight is- go to your local “carries everything” store that has a sporting goods section and ask a person who works there to point you to the fishing line weights.)

Once you have found them, you will use the small pocket in the bottom of the curtain.  They will provide some weight to keep that thing down!

Issue #2- Mildew in the bottom seam

Solution #2- Scissors

(This is not an option if you just added weights to the curtain- just FYI.)

Take a pare of pinking shears (or plain scissors will work too) and carefully cut off the bottom part of the shower curtain to remove the mildewed stitching.

Problem #3- Sticking hooks on the rod

Solution #3- Wax

We have a shower curtain in our guest bath that ALWAYS comes off the hooks when you try to slide it over the rod.  EVERY. SINGLE.TIME.

The trick- rub household wax over the complete rod and the inside of your rings.  Not only will it allow the rings to move easier, it helps protect the rod from rusting.