Tip of the Week: Wax Paper for Quick Cleaning


Many of us have homes that have kitchen cabinets and furniture that don’t do all the way to the ceiling.  These areas collect a huge amount of dust and grime and are no fun to clean (especially since a ladder is needed to get up there).  At best, they get cleaned once, maybe twice, a year.  They are grouse and inconvenient to clean…until you learn this little handy dandy trick with wax paper!

upper cabinets

Start by cleaning the top of the furniture/ cabinets really good.  Then cut a piece(s) of wax paper to completely cover the top of the cabinet.  (Make sure the edges are folded under so you can’t see it from the ground level.)  Next time you go to clean them, just throw away the dirty wax paper and replace it with fresh wax paper.  This little trick can save you hours of cleaning!