Have you ever been to a place that is so amazingly beautiful it astounds you? Or what you see is so perfect you do not think it is real? Or a moment in time where you have to pinch yourself to see if you are really awake and you dare reach out to see to verify if it’s real or just a dream?

This past summer my husband and I made a trip to Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park was a place where there were moments that I was not sure if I was awake. The water was an amazingly blue color; the giant pine trees, a perfect emerald green and the pathways would whisper your name. Despite the fact that the week we went was the same week everyone else decided to visit, we still found these quiet places of pure beauty where you can hear leaves rustle, the birds chirping and the water roll over the rocks of the river.

Being a planner I had the whole trip planned out- what would we do each day, what would we see, the places that I wanted to take a picture. When we arrived, it looked like your typical National park, lots of hustle and bustle with little shops filled with overpriced trinkets. We check into our room in the park; a very old and very small room (very, very small room- my closet home is bigger than that room). HOWEVER, this tiny little room had this giant picture window overlooking the water, this perfectly blue stream lined with trees. The trees around the room had actually grown to be one with the room in some areas; and as the trees moved in the wind, they would shake the little room enough to wake you, making you wait and wonder what it was. Then when you heard the creaking of the roof against the tree and the wind outside, you remembered it was just a large tree rocking you to sleep in this little tiny cabin on this beautiful blue water.

Our first day at Glacier National Park we went off to see the Trail of the Cedars.

I had seen pictures of this trail in guidebooks. The shorter trail was a boardwalk most of the way, making it an easy stroll through the forest. Although we did pass groups of travelers, for the most part the trial was quiet, peaceful and magical with all these beautiful places to take pictures. 

The second day was just as dreamlike as the first as we went to Lake McDonald and took a boat ride out to the middle of the lake. There I witnessed, in pure amazement, as I stood up at the bow of the boat I reached out a hand to see if what I was seeing was real, it was so perfect, so pristine, it looked like a poster.

glacier natinal park
After leaving the boat, we went to the lodge for dinner. The wait was long as it was a very crowded weekend. We waited in the lobby of Lake McDonald Lodge that was decorated and in Native American decorations and stuffed animal heads. The huge ceiling had several hanging pendant lights decorated with petroglyphs painted on them that I stared at for too long. Once it was our turn to be seated, the host guided us over to the most-perfect table in the house, next an open window facing a looming sunset. Our dinner was wonderfully delicious, the waiter, Dana, came right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, and the setting was dreamlike. It was one of those dinners you cannot recreate.
The following days we went on drives to some of them are popular places, Going to the Sun road, and some of the other well-known places in the guidebooks. I took many more pictures and when it was time to leave, I was sad, as I had just lived in an enchantingly beautiful painting for few days.