Who doesn’t love balloons? I don’t care how old you are balloons make people smile, and the more balloons, the more smiles you get from people.  This party theme can really be used for any age group, from small children to 100+ years old!  Just have fun with it and watch your guests smile!

Decorations: Decorate the entertaining area with as many of balloons as you can afford. Besides scattering them on the floor, you can make the balloon bouquet for the tables in the serving area by tying up balloons to sticks and then tying them together with a bow or sticking them in vases. You can also time any balloons together on a string to form a banner of balloons as long as you like.

Games: Give each guest one deflated balloon. Have contestants blow the balloon until it pops. The person who will blows the balloon to the point of popping first is declared the winner. To add a variation for large group of people you can divide between boys and girls.

Another game that you can have your guests play is by tying a balloon on a string around each person’s waist. Pair the guests up in teams of two. The object of the game is two break the other person’s balloon by bumping into each other to break your partner’s balloon. The person to break their partner’s balloon first it declared the winner.

A third simple game: Have each participant try to keep their blown-up in the air without breaking it. As soon as their balloon touches the ground that person it does is disqualified. The person that keeps their balloon in the air the longest is declared the winner.

Entertainment: For guests of any age, balloons are a fun thing to throw on the dance floor. Turn on some fun music and throw a bunch of inflated balloons into the dance floor. 

Food ideas:
Cheese fondue
Homemade fried chicken
Cut vegetables with ranch dip
Frosted brownies

Other food ideas:
Steak Sandwiches
Cauli fries
Pickles and olives