It’s Christmas Decorating Time! Star Wars and The Village

It’s Christmas Decorating Time! Star Wars and The Village

Decorating for Christmas is one of my most favorite activities of the year.  In a house full of males, I do have to keep it real and add the not-so- pretty ornaments to the tree.  Usually, I wait to the very end to see if they notice that the “guy” decorations are missing.  However, this year, I did not hesitate to adorn the tree with a couple of Star Wars glass ornaments, with the movie coming out in just a couple of weeks.  (They are hand blown glass and reflect the light very well, so they do look pretty on the tree.)


Setting up the village is a time consuming, tedious process with a great reward.  After placing all the houses and arranging the many cords, the fun begins as you get to place each of the little characters in their places.  You get to be a little kid again imaging what each little charter is doing in this little town you get created.  What they are thinking as they stroll along.   Each year I change the arrangement of the characters and the city.

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Over the years, I have found a couple of tricks to setting the village up.  First, if you have a piece of the plastic road/ street, it is best to let it lay flat at least over night the night before.  I store it rolled up so this a very necessary step.  I place large books over it to get it to flatten out. Second, I use Handy Tack (made by SuperGlue) to keep the trees and lights upright.  Handy Tack works great for this and is easy to remove when you are ready to put your village away for the year. Third, to cover up the cords (that are usually running behind all of my buildings) I use batting to cover them up ( and then sprinkle fake snow over the whole thing).  These just a few of the things I have learned over the years, setting up the village.

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